VersaDrill Canada launches a promising new drill rig at PDAC

VersaDrill Canada decided to make the most of the PDAC Convention by launching its brand new multifunctional drill: the GT8. All of the mining industry was gathered at the company’s booth to attend the launching of what’s promising to be the torque of the town.

The Best of Both Worlds
Culminating over three years of research and product development, the VersaDrill GT8 positions itself on the market as a powerful, versatile, robust and reliable piece of equipment that will ultimately allow customers to optimize their drilling programs. Dedicated to environmental and geotechnical drilling, the new rig has the required specifications to perform core mineral drilling.

VersaDrill Canada’s president Mario Rouillier explains: "Our industry is going through a tough time, yet companies have to deliver results! VersaDrill’s management team consists of drillers who know this reality too well. The GT8 was designed to be a perfect fit to get around the ups and downs of both the geotechnical and mineral fields. With that much versatility, the GT8 will be the best ally for any drilling companies.”

Give Your Drillers Something to Torque About
Entirely designed and manufactured in Canada, the GT8 is a compact and sturdy rig strong enough to perform mining drilling, yet versatile enough to be utilized in geotechnical applications. Whether used for geotechnical projects, environmental works, diamond drilling or RC and DTH drilling, the GT8 delivers results and solves the need many companies have, which is to remain active and productive in a more difficult economic context.

Thanks to VersaDrill’s world-known signature drill head, the powerful and multifunctional GT8 has a drilling capacity of up to 1 970 feet with a maximum torque of 8 270 feet-pound. It is built with reliable and simple components for affordable maintenance and continued operation under any conditions.

At the PDAC Convention, the VersaDrill GT8 was mounted on a PRINOTH tracked vehicle, a solution that allows drillers to get access to restricted areas in no time. “The ‘one-two punch’ combination of the GT8 and the PRINOTH truck is a sure value to get to the core faster, while saving money and reducing your environmental footprint,” says Amine Khimjee of PRINOTH Ltd.

About VersaDrill Canada
VersaDrill Canada manufactures multi-purpose, high-quality diamond drills. Robust and safe, VersaDrill’s equipment is highly versatile and can be adapted to multiple surfaces, underground and heliportable conditions. Our cutting-edge manufacturing processes allow us to offer reliable, high-performance products designed especially to meet our customers’ needs and expectations.

About Groupe Rouillier
An established leader in the mining industry in Abitibi, Groupe Rouillier operates in diamond drilling and the manufacture of high-performance machinery. This privately owned family business includes in its fold Rouillier Drilling and Boréal Drilling in Eastern Canada, Pro Forage Guyane in South America, and the manufacturer VersaDrill Canada, whose machinery is used around the world. With a team of over 300 skilled employees, Groupe Rouillier has mastered the art of meeting its clients’ needs and expectations. The company is also committed to complying with laws and regulations aimed at protecting the environment, as well as ensuring the health and safety of its employees, which has made it an established and respected company in Canada and abroad.

VersaDrill Canada launches a promising new drill rig at PDAC