Surface Drill Rigs

These diamond core drilling rigs are the best for big rock drilling challenges. They can sustain great force and pressure while being adapted to your needs. A simple reconfiguration allows investment optimization; one diamond drill will deliver excellent results on different projects.

Deep Coring

We have got the drill that will get you to the core. VersaDrill Canada’s surface drill rigs are equipped with deep capacity drills that can reach as far as 6230 ft (1900 m). Our slow feed control will also optimize your drilling performance.

Safe Working Area

All of VersaDrill Canada’s drilling rigs are made with a particular care towards providing your driller with a safe working area, away from moving parts. In addition, all master components are in one place for easy maintenance.

Robust and Powerful Diamond Drills

You can count on VersaDrill Canada’s diamond drills to ensure greater performance in your exploration work. Tested under the harshest conditions, they will deliver results regardless of the terrain – surface or underground.